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Things You Should Enjoy In A Luxury Holiday Resort Room

Things You Should Enjoy In A Luxury Holiday Resort RoomWhen you book a room or villa in a luxury resort, you expect to have the most wonderful holiday experience of your life. Everything you get in your villa and outside the villa should simply be luxurious. The resort choice you make determines the features you will have at your disposal, but in essence, there are basic things that every luxury holiday resort should offer you.

A micro spa – Relaxing baths are a must whether you choose an adventurous type of holiday or a relaxed one where you just want to unwind. A good resort villa should at least have Jacuzzi tubs complete with exfoliating and soaking salts as well as other spa basics at your disposal. There is nothing better than taking a relaxing bath after a day full of activities.

A stocked mini bar – Yes, refreshments should be handy when you need them and a mini bar that is well-stocked is therefore an important element. Some of the better resorts will make the minibar available at no extra charge, but you might need to pay

How to Find a Cheap Hotel for Business Travel

How to Find a Cheap Hotel for Business TravelIt’s not always easy to find a cheap hotel that you know you would be comfortable staying in. Often, the prices charged in large cities like London, Paris, New York, etc. don’t really seem to equate with the word ‘cheap’.

That said, it is possible to find a cheap hotel. You just need to know where to look!

There are a number of budget hotel chains who offer a good standard of accommodation at an affordable price. These vary by country – you’ll probably know the ones in your own country but if you are travelling abroad, you may need to do some research.

The advantage of using a hotel room provided by one of these chains is that it will be fairly cheap and that you can rest assured that all the standards you expect from a budget hotel room will be catered for.

The disadvantage can be that sometimes the location is a bit ‘out of the way’. Some cheap hotel chains have branches at out of town locations. You may also miss out on the

How to Find a Discount Hotel without Discount of Comfort

How to Find a Discount Hotel without Discount of ComfortWhile vacations are a luxury for any family, they can quickly become expensive. We all know how stressful it gets when expenses start to add up, and we are left to find a discount hotel. Although discount hotels may make people think of beat up dingy resorts, it is actually possible to find a great hotel, without having to sacrifice your comfort or wallet.

The first thing you need to is plan ahead! By researching on the internet for great prices and packages, you will easily be able to find something that matches your budget. There are dozens of websites that cater to your needs, including Expedia.com and Hotels.com. These services will find the cheapest airfare and may provide you with an entire package, including cheap discount hotel rates. Fortunately, these websites actually care about your vacation. Thus, they will go to great lengths to find you special discounts and rates.

Other internet services include BookingBuddy.com. This site walks you through a series of steps to find the perfect package. From airfare to discount hotels and car rentals, you

A New Take on an Old Experience

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I talked to all of the neighborhood parents about having a trick or treat bus. Read more

The Most Wonderful Day of My Life

The day I got married was the most wonderful day of my life so far. I am not even sure if having children one day will surpass my happiness, because I truly married my best friend and the man that I want to spend the rest of my life with. We had a very small wedding with just a handful of people with us. I know a lot of people have hundreds of guests at their wedding and reception ceremonies, but we had just enough for all of us to fit on a Toronto party bus.

We both had our parents with us along with my two sisters and his three brothers. We also had a few friends, and in total there were 29 of us. We decided to forgo the big ceremony and just spend the most special day of our lives with the people who matter the most to us. We did want to get married in the park where he had proposed to me, so having a party bus actually fit very well into our plans. Read more

Things You Need To Know Before You Book A Hotel Online

Does it seem as if every time you look around on the internet for a hotel room, you find more web sites that say you can get a hotel room for less?

Though it may sound enticing, online hotel booking has its own set of challenges. An online discount hotel booking web site should provide the following basic things:

o Offer real time hotel room booking

o Allow date amendments and cancellations online

o Rates should clearly indicate what currency is being quoted, whether the rate is per person or per room, and what is and what is not included in the rate, and, if taxes are not included, how much they will be

o The location information of the hotel should be listed on the hotel description page. This can help identify the distance from the hotel to certain landmarks or the airport

o All the information regarding the hotel (such as facilities and rates) should be located on each hotel’s web page

o Pictures of the hotel

o Star quality rating, consumer ratings with consumer reviews

o Does the online hotel booking site have a membership program

How to Find the Best and Most Affordable Hotel Packages

If you are planning a trip, then you certainly wish to find the best accommodation at the most competitive prices. We are happy to inform you that you definitely don’t have to break the bank to find world-class accommodation during your visit. Whether you may be planning a family vacation or a business trip, it is important to know how to search for suitable accommodation. In just a few simple and easy steps, you can find the best hotel packages, which will fully cater to all of your needs.

1. Do your research

Visit acclaimed travel sites where you are able to locate the best hotel packages, which are specifically tailored to suit your particular needs. Most major travel websites allow you to see different accommodation costs and rates from reputable accommodation facilities. You could also employ the help of a reliable travel agency, which will provide you with useful information on the different accommodation facilities.

2. Compare prices and services

After you have collected enough information concerning the different accommodation facilities, the next step will be to compare the prices and services offered so as to find the greatest deal that provides you

Ways to Choose Your Hotel

You are planning a holiday abroad for your family, and want everyone to have a good time. You surf the internet for hotel descriptions, but from the pictures that you see and what you read, all hotels project a perfect image of themselves. How can you tell which ones are better? You have never been there and know no one at your destination. At the same time, you don’t want a hotel room that will bust your budget. How do you choose?

Check Independent Hotel Ratings

Well, the first step you can take is to visit hotel search engines for guest ratings for hotels represented by the search engines. In addition to pre-negotiated rates with individual hotels, most agents ask for ratings and comments from previous guests. Reading their comments will give you a fair idea on what to expect from the hotels located in your destination. Be sure to read a few comments in order to get a fair overview. Certain incidences described may only be rare occurrences that may already have been corrected.

Hotel Chains and Facilities

Are they part of an international hotel chain? Most international chains have stringent standards that

Staying in Discount Hotels

Discount hotels can be wonderful places to stay, while allowing you to save money on your hotel stay and have more to spend sightseeing or on other travel adventures. If you think that you might be interested in staying in a discount hotel it is important to do your research to make sure you select the right hotel, and get the best deal possible.

Most discount hotels are discounted through a particular club or organization, and are discounted primarily for its members. If you are a part of any types of groups or organizations check with them to see if they have any deals set up with hotels, and if so what types of discounts those particular arrangements will supply you with. In many cases you can get a discount if you stay a certain number of nights in the hotel, or if you stay in a particular type of room. If you choose the wrong combination of those things however, you can often be denied the right to the discount.

Make sure you fully understand what is required for you to get the discount before you make your reservation. Often times if you do one

Save Money by Bidding on Hotel Rooms

Rick Archer sat down with Don Nadeau, the president of BidonTravel.com, which provides Priceline bidding advice.

RA: Why would anyone want to use Priceline?

DN: You’ll save a lot of money.

RA: Yes, but who wants to get up in time for a 6:00 a.m. flight? You can’t pick your departure times or airline or anything like that.

DN: Well, just use Priceline for air tickets when you’re going to Australia or traveling at the last minute. You’ll save hundreds of dollars. When you can plan your U.S. travel well in advance, Priceline may not be your best bet.

But always bid on Priceline hotels. That’s easy and you don’t have to get up at 4:00 a.m.

RA: Sure, but I don’t want to stay in some crummy place.

DN: No, no, no. Bid for three or four-star hotels. You pick the quality.

You’ll end up at a Hyatt, Hilton, Holiday Inn Crown Plaza, Sheraton, Marriott, or Doubletree-someplace like these.

And, over a few days, you’ll save hundreds of dollars.

In fact, I predict you’ll save on average at least $100 a night over the prices you get

Hotel Safety Tips You Should Have in Mind on a Holiday

If you travel a lot or even if you travel only during vacation time, you should always pay attention to your valuable assets inside the hotel and outside it. Getting something stolen like your purse, your wallet or your expensive watch will surely ruin your vacation. Burglars aren’t your only worry; dangerous strangers should be avoided too. Hotels may give you an impression of safety, but they have so many different guests that the hotel’s staff can’t keep an eye on everyone. Therefore, you are the only one who is best taking care of yourself. Here are some safety tips to avoid getting unpleasant memories during your travels.

The thing you should do all the time is to keep your room’s door locked. Lock it even if you are inside the room and also put the security chain. Make sure you have locked the door whenever you are leaving the room. You can do this by trying the door to see if it is perfectly closed and locked. It may look a bit paranoid, but the lock might be broken and your room would be vulnerable to any nosy intruder who would try the door knob.

Tips on How to Choose the Right Holiday Hotel

After you have decided on a destination for your holiday, the next question that arises is how to find the perfect hotel for your stay.

The first thing you have to do is to start planning your trip in advance to avoid the unhappy situation of not being able to find vacancy because it is the peak of the tourist season.

While looking for the perfect hotel, keep in mind that the price may be a good clue about the quality of the services offered by hotels. You don’t have to stay in the most expensive hotel, but there is always a fishy reason why a hotel has a very low price. Compare the prices to those practiced in the region you will travel, and not to the hotel prices at home. Keep in mind to stay away from bargains!

The location of the hotel is crucial too. You should check it in advance, even double-check it on different web sites, to make sure the hotel resides where is says it is. And make sure you get full and accurate information on the location. For instance, if the hotel’s web site says it is

Getting A Good Rate On Hotels

It is travel time and everyone wants the best price on their hotel. It just makes sense to save money on this area of your vacation. Most people actually spend very little time in the actual hotel. They spend it vacationing! So, instead of forking over a large amount of money for your next lodging need, look for ways to save on them instead!

First of all, if you have any flexibility in where you go, when you go, and how you go, you can save a lot of money. Here’s why. To save money on travel, travel during off peak hours. Booking a hotel during the weekend will cost you more than if it was mid week. The busier the time period that you will be traveling, the more costly all of your expenses will be.

Second, if you are going to a major destination, one where there will be countless hotels and lots of people, try to find a hotel that is out of the way somewhat. Driving even just ten minutes away from the location will save you money! People insist on staying right in the action, but really it is more crowded,

Skip The Hotel And Stay In A Hostel

Hostelling is a great way to travel if you are on a tight budget. Popular with college students who tour Europe, hostelling offers low budget and low luxury accommodations for those that don’t mind bunking up and sharing with other travelers.

This method of travel can offer adventure and the chance to meet different people but is not for everyone. It’s great for the solo traveler or group of young people but families with small children and couples who want a romantic vacation should spring for more private accommodation’s.

Most hostels are set up as dormitory style rooms, with a number of bunk beds arranged throughout the room. The number of bunk beds in a single room varies, with the average from four to ten bunks per room. Each traveler is assigned a specific bunk upon check-in.

Almost all hostels in the United States divide their accommodations according to gender, with the female guests in one block of rooms and the male guests in another. In multi-floor hostels, each gender is often assigned a specific floor or group of floors.

In Europe and other locations throughout the world, you may find hostels with mixed

How to Express a Complaint to Your Hotel

If you are an international visitor or student traveling in Canada and the U.S., you may at some time need to lodge a complaint at a hotel where you have booked a room.

In the U.S. and Canada, if you are too polite or submissive, your request may be ignored. If you are too assertive or angry, you will also probably not succeed.

So, to lodge a successful complaint, you should:

1) Describe your problem calmly and with dignity.

2) Use a modulated tone of voice. You will always have more success in North America if you control your temper.

3) Throughout the negotiation, remember that you want to resolve a problem, not win a skirmish.

Always take your complaint to the front desk clerk first. Note, too, that hotel clerks are not considered servants in North America, so be sure not to talk down to them.

How to phrase a complaint

Suppose you check into your room and discover that it’s not clean. Here’s an ineffective way to communicate this problem to the hotel clerk:

[yelling] “You gave me a filthy room! I want another room immediately, or

Book A Hotel And Save Money

Are you making plans for a summer vacation or your next winter get-a-way? Are you seeking to observe Fall’s many splendored colors in the Appalachian foothills or warm your heart as the first Spring breezes flow ashore in southern California? If so, you can save money on your next trip by making some of the arrangements yourself. Book a hotel room directly and you could save 50% off of your accommodations. Let’s take a look at some nifty options for you!

Travel Sites: Some of the big travel sites on the internet can really help you find low rates for high quality hotel rooms. Travelocity and Priceline are two popular sites, but visit Hotels.com for the widest selection and the lowest prices. You can book a hotel room right online and receive a confirmation to your email address.

Hotel Sites: Even better than some of the travel sites is to simply book a hotel room on the hotel chain’s site. Yes, they have the best information about room availability, specials, packages, and the like. Some will let you enter a AAA or senior citizen number for further savings.

Business Associations: Your business group may work

Hotels And Motels Online

Oh the joys of traveling. Most of us have had both good and bad experiences over the years, but what usually kick starts the trip off to either a fine or poor start is the accommodation. It’s so important for the owners of holiday lodgings to create a welcoming feeling on arrival. Whatever the type of business, there’s never a second chance to make a first impression, and the hotels and motels of the world are certainly no exception to that rule.

Obviously, all the glossy brochures and posters promoting the hotels and motels are going to create great visual impact, but just how much of what we see in these illustrated ads actually bear a resemblance to the places in reality?

The search for fine hotels and motels starts by knowing how to locate them. Years ago this was no easy feat as all we had to go on were a few brochures and a bit of a hard sell from the travel agents. Thanks to the internet, those methods are now in the dark ages of travel and tourism.

The best thing about the booming travel industry world wide is the availability of

Do Hotel Key Cards Reveal Your Personal Information

You either love them or you hate them for their ease of use or lack thereof, but it’s a safe bet hotel key cards are here to stay. For the business traveler, this is an advantage. A hotel key card slips right into your wallet or pocket, there’s no awkward key fob to fumble with, and if you lose your card you don’t have to worry about anybody trying to break into your room.

The advantage hotel key cards have over regular keys is that should a stranger find your card, it will be rendered useless once it’s reported lost. A hotel clerk needs only to reprogram the card and issue another one to you. That can’t be done with a regular key!

However, lately the rumor is going around that hotel key cards offer more information than just a room number. A friend tells us about a trip to Vegas, and how her companion advised her to hold onto her card after checkout. Our friend was told that within the plastic of that card was an electronic strip with the holder’s personal information. Name, home address, credit card number…everything that can help someone commit identity

Hotel Discount Coupons

Whether you are traveling for business or for pleasure, your choice of hotel is as important as your destination. If you are a traveler on a budget, then you must know how to take advantage of hotel discount coupons in order to cut down accommodation costs and use the money to enjoy the vacation instead.

Where to get hotel discount coupons

There are three major sources of hotel discount coupons.

Travel books. Some are free while others can be purchased. These travel guides can be found in almost all shops at airports, convenience stores, restaurants, supermarkets and attractions. Check out the pages and look for hotel discount coupons to major hotels.

Online. The web is filled with online travel booking sites that compete to offer quality low cost lodging. Book through anyone of these sites and save on rates. You can also visit the website of chain hotels to look for discount coupons. This is actually a better move than reserving through third-party websites. By going directly to the source, you eliminate possible booking problems.

Travel groups. Travel clubs often offer hotel discount coupons to their members. Ask your local chapter when and

Great Tips For Finding Cheap Hotel Rates

During any tour to any destination, two things make up the bulk of your expenses: travel and accommodations. Therefore to eke out any savings from the trip you will have to invest a lot of time and effort on finding cheap hotel rates to keep your expenses low and your smiles up.

While looking for cheap hotel rates, keep the following tips in mind.

1. Location is everything – Hotel rates vary from place to place depending on its location. You will have to ask yourself if where your balance lies: convenience or price. Most convenient locations in any city will have hotels sporting rates in the upwards range in any market.

Some less accessible areas will offer lesser rates. However, you will have to decide for yourself whether the inconvenience is worth the price. If you are pretty familiar with the area you are traveling to, then locations with lesser rates in less accessible or attractive locations will be less of an issue for you.

However, if you are traveling to an area for the first time, you will have to think twice about staying at a location that is a little inconvenient.

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